Arizona Favorites | Cartel Coffee Lab

Happy Weekend everyone! I’m back today with my first ‘Arizona Favorites’ post which is going to be a weekly feature here on W.A.D. (every Sunday from here on). You might know that I actually spent many Summers here in Arizona, before moving here for a permanently four years ago, but I really feel as if it’s only now I’m beginning to see the ‘real’ Arizona. I guess it takes a while to get past all the typical touristy spots and begin to find your own hidden gems. Being honest, the best thing about living here is spending time looking for these favorite spots which you can start to call your own. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve discovered the cutest cafes, shops, restaurants, people-watching spots and of course, LOTS of amazing places to satisfy my crazy sweet-tooth. So I’m excited to share them all with you too.


First up is a coffee shop which I just can’t get enough of called Cartel Coffee Lab, it’s the type of place where coffee is a craft, and people are their passion. Cartel Coffee Lab currently has six location thought out Arizona.

IMG_2552 So far, I’ve gone there for their espresso and each time I go there, I fall a little more in love. The chilled out atmosphere and the quirky little touches which make it one of my go-to spots here in Arizona . Also, this little gem also falls under the good spots for people-watching category. Next time you’re in Arizona, stop by one of their location grab a brew and enjoy what Arizona has to offer. You won’t regret, I promise.

– Alexis

Check out Cartel Coffee Lab for youself. 


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