Pack Light for the Summer | Travel Guide


1. Metallic Floppy Hat  | 2. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses|            3. Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Hair Spray  | 4. Herbivore Botanicals After Sun  |5. Marysia Antibes & Spring Bikini  |        6. Marysia Point Dume Maillot | 7. Wilfred Marquis Camisole| 8. Silk Tee/ 9. J.Crew High-Rise Denim Shorts | 10. H&M Conscious Striped Top / 11. Cuyana Boyfriend Shirt | 12. T by Alexander Wang Jersey Dress| 13. Chinti & Parker Striped Dress  | 14.Cuyana Classic Alpaca Cape |15. Current/Elliot Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans  |16. Acne Studios Reform Jean | 17. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote | 18. Everlane Italian Ankle Wrap Sandal19. Everlane Modern Loafer | 20. Hammamas Woven Towels

Today I’m sharing my list for what I would pack for a summer trip. Usually my summer vacation involves around water. You’ll want a light sweater for breezy days, or cool evenings by the beach, as well as the towel to use as a blanket or scarf on the plane, and to sit on at the beach. A big floppy hat, oversized sunnies, and sun-kissed sea mist hair will top off the chic summer look.

What would you pack for a beach summer trip? Let me know down below in the comments




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